Brazilians have a vast array of claims

The Republic of Temer / PMDB / PSDB, came into turmoil following the bombastic affidavit of JBS President (Friboi), Joesley Batista, who revealed the payment of a bribe of about $ 60 million in 2014 to Senator Aécio, through Issuing cold invoices to several companies, also passing on to the Federal Public Ministry, recording not which President Temer agrees to pay bribes to ex-deputy Eduardo Cunha and to the donor Funaro so that they remain silent and do not make a denunciation against the president And their allies.

Manifestations have been marked throughout the country. Party political groups are calling for new elections, such a claim runs through well-known electoral opportunist segments, as well as well-meaning groups who dream of holding general elections for a new constituent. However, as we have often fondled in articles on this site, population problems will not be solved by “Election Farce.”

Globo exploded Temer and his government for reasons still unclear and oblivious to the knowledge of public opinion, however, regardless of the plans and attempts to change directions imposed by the powerful, we must not rule out the power of the imponderable. It is worth remembering the traditional Chinese proverb “A small spark can ignite the whole prairie”

There will not be dance

Independents, autonomous and libertarians sought a process of unification to assert, in a real way, the voice of the streets. All this amid the political chaos established by the revelations held yesterday, May 17, by Platinum Venus. The great desire is that the opportunism of the reformist left does not prevail at a time like this and that the right will be rejected and its contradictions exposed.

A process of political manifestation to achieve real gains far beyond the manipulation of the monopoly of communications and political parties is the true goal of the “Crowd”.

The main claims of the independents in Rio de Janeiro:

* For the Freedom of Rafael Braga
* Ending the genocide of black and poor young people in the favelas of big cities
* The end of the massacre of the indigenous ethnic groups that has been taking place all over the country
* For the end of latifundio and the murder of peasant leaders
* Against the economic clutter promoted by the “misrule Temer”
* Against Pension Reform
* Against Labor Reform
* For the valorization of universities and the state research center
* Against the scrapping of UERJ
* Against the end of the Student Free Pass
* For the immediate payment of the back wages of the civil servants of Rio de Janeiro
* For the extinguishing without judgment of the merits of the case against the 23 persecuted political activists of the FIFA World Cup
* For the immediate approval of the rights of the LGBT community
* By the end of the “drug war”

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